In a world full of sounds it becomes much too easy for us to take our music for granted. The heartbeat of life becomes lost in the wall of noise we must negotiate from day to day.  Once in a while, something comes along to remind us of the beauty,vitality and sheer power of our most universal expression.  It’s not just something we feel within ourselves. We can see this vitality in the faces around us.

Last week, Booksellers was honored with a performance from Iris orchestra; a  sextet of outstanding classical performers who offered excerpts from Francis iris1Poulenc’s Story of Babar the Elephant.  This storytime event brought out a large crowd of parents and children. No surprise there: many young parents are looking for free, high-quality activities for their young ones.

The big surprise came from a couple of sources.  First, there was the rapt attention on the faces of our young audience.  At times, their eyes were wide with amazement. Some of the toddlers and young children got up to dance. But the wonder of this performance didn’t end there.

There was a smile on most every face in the store.  Those who weren’t smiling were…relaxed.  You could see the tension drain from their faces.  It was as if they had suddenly remembered a lost rhythm, and were able to breathe and act within the sounds and silences of music.

To Mrs. Marjorie Bowman and the talented members of Iris Orchestra: Thank you for the magic.


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