Your bookseller and the perfect fit

Yesterday, while recharging my brain through an online walkabout, I stumbled upon a tumblr that kept me rapt in a state of scrolling and “next” clicking. The site, Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things, features nothing more than pictures (and a few gifs) of unrelated objects fitting, well, perfectly into each other: a pickle jar lid fit snuggly into a kitchen sink drain; a Ritz cracker perfectly filling the recessed bottom of a paper cup; a venti-sized Starbucks cup sliding slowly down a cylindrical public garbage bin, etc.

I found these images hypnotic and strangely satisfying. I suppose they feed that part that finds synchronic order to be soothing amid a chaotic world. But I also think these images activate the same pleasure centers that my love of books and being a bookseller do.

Like all booksellers (at least all the ones I know), I am a lover-of-books. Outside of people and some abstract ideals, there’s nothing I’m more passionate about. I read for many reasons—stimulation, entertainment, education, comfort, curiosity, connection, etc. In talking with a co-worker last week, I articulated the unifying theme of all the books (all entertainment, really) I’m most passionate about: they all, in some way or another, surprise and delight. This is not just whiplash plot twist *SURPRISE!*, though those can be fun, too. Books that make me see the world (or part of it) in a new way. Books that make me think about things I’ve never considered. Books that make me feel with unexpected acuity or depth. There are many different ways books can surprise and delight. I think—I hope—any book lover can relate.

The greatest satisfaction of a bookseller resides here as well. We truly want share with you the passion we feel for “our” books. If you’ve ever asked, you know what I’m referring to. You feel it when her voice intensifies, eye-widen and cadence accelerates. You see it when he takes off to grab a book, returning to present it to you—two-handed—like a holy text. We’re passionate about books. It’s why we’re here, working at Booksellers.

We’re here to get you the books you want. Sometimes you’ll know what you want. Sometimes you won’t. If you want something—something new, something unexpected, some really good—but don’t know what that something is, ask a bookseller. We’ll be thrilled to help.

We’ve got something that can’t be reduced to a formula nor coded as an algorithm. We’ve got a passion for books and a desire to share it. We want to put the book in your hands that will surprise and delight you.

We want to match the right book with the right person. We want to find the Thing that Fits Perfectly Into the Other Thing, like a Ritz cracker in the bottom of a paper cup.

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