Events In December

John Pritchard Discussing & Signing Sailing to Alluvium

(History Press $27.95)

Tuesday 3rd at 6:00 PM

JPSailing to Alluvium is the third installment in John Pritchard’s critically acclaimed series that follows the antics of Junior Ray and his buddy, Voyd Mudd. This time Junior Ray and Voyd become “diktectives” in order to solve a not-so-mysterious murder mystery.




Mark Greaney Discussing & Signing Dead Eye

(Berkley’s Publishing Group $16.00)

Thursday 5th at 6 PM

Ex-CIA master assassin Court Gentry has always prided himself on his ability to disappear at will, to fly below the radar and exist in the shadows–to survive as the near-mythical Gray Man. But when he takes revenge upon a former employer who betrayed him, he exposes himself to something he’s never had to face before. A killer who is just like him. Code-named Dead Eye, Russell Whitlock is a graduate of Deadeyethe same ultra-secret Autonomous Asset Program that trained and once controlled Gentry. But now, Whitlock is a free agent who has been directed to terminate his fellow student of death. He knows how his target thinks, how he moves, and how he kills. And he knows the best way to do the job is to make Gentry run for his life–right up until the moment Deadeye finally ends it…




Denise White Parkinson Discussing & Signing Daughter of the White River: Depression-Era Treachery and Vengeance in the Arkansas Delta

(History Press $19.99)

Saturday 7th at 2:00 PM

The once-thriving houseboat communities along Arkansas’ White River are long gone, and few remember the sensational murder story that set local darling Helen dwpSpence on a tragic path. In 1931, Spence shocked Arkansas when she avenged her father’s murder in a DeWitt courtroom. The state soon discovered that no prison could hold her. For the first time, prison records are unveiled to provide an essential portrait. Join author Denise Parkinson for an intimate look at a Depression-era tragedy. The legend of Helen Spence refuses to be forgotten–despite her unmarked grave.




Susan Puckett Discussing & Signing Eat Drink Delta: A Hungry Traveler’s Journey Through the Soul of the South

(University of Georgia Press $24.95)

Thursday 12th at 6:00 PM

The Mississippi Delta is a complicated and fascinating place. Part travel guide, part cookbook, and part photo es-say, Eat Drink Delta by veteran food journalist Susan Puckett (with photographs by Delta resident Langdon Clay) reveals a region shaped by slavery, civil rights, amazing wealth, abject deprivation, the Civil War, a flood of biblical proportions, and–above all–an overarching urge to get down and party with a full table and an open bar. There’s more to Delta dining than southern standards. Puckett uncovers the stories behind convenience stores where dill eatdrinkpickles marinate in Kool-Aid and diners where tabouli appears on plates with fried chicken. She celebrates the region’s hot tamale makers who follow the time-honored techniques that inspired many a blues lyric. And she introduces us to a new crop of Del-ta chefs who brine chicken in sweet tea and top stone-ground Mississippi grits with local pond-raised prawns and tomato confit. The guide also provides a taste of events such as Belzoni’s World Catfish Festival and Tunica’s Wild Game Cook-Off and offers dozens of tested recipes, including the Memphis barbecue pizza beloved by Elvis and a lemon ice-box pie inspired by Tennessee Williams.




Ashley Foxx Discussing & Signing Keisha Cane & Her Very Sweet Tooth

(Self $9.95)

Saturday 14th at 2:00 PM

KeishaKeisha Cane and Her Very Sweet Tooth is a delightful new book for young readers, featuring the memorable and mischievous, Keisha Cane. Keisha’s infamous sweet tooth strikes in the middle of the night and she breaks a cookie jar, sparking a laughable chain of events. Little readers will be able to predict Keisha’s next mishap and will also learn a valuable lesson about making (and fixing) mistakes.




Michael Thompson Discussing & Signing

The Parchman Preacher: A Christian Suspense Novel (Balboa Press $14.99)

Sunday 15th at 2:00 PM

Martha, Mary Magdalene, John the Baptist, Satan, and Jesus are key figures in this 1950s good-versus-evil suspense allegory of Christ’s beginning ministry. After the ppdeath of a young preacher shocks a small town in Solo, Mississippi, suspicions about whether foul play was involved in his untimely death plagues national attention as family friend, Martha, seeks out the truth. As his replacement settles into town, Martha learns that the key to unraveling the mystery behind the for-mer preacher’s death may come at a cost to the entire town as it is revealed who possesses hypocrisy, true faith, and secrecy in the once seemingly quiet town.




Robert Gordon

Signing & Celebrating Respect Yourself: Stax Records and the Soul Explosion

(Macmillan $30.00)

Also Featuring Local Authors John Pritchard and Molly Crosby Signing Their Respected Works

Friday 20th at 6:00 PM

The story of Stax Records unfolds like a Greek tragedy. A white brother and sister build a record company that becomes a monument to racial harmony in 1960’s segregated south Memphis. Their success is startling, and Stax soon defines an international sound. Then, after losses both business and personal, the siblings staxpart, and the brother allies with a visionary African-American partner. Under integrated leadership, Stax explodes as a national player until, Icarus-like, they fall from great heights to a tragic demise. Everything is lost, and the sanctuary that flourished is ripped from the ground. A generation later, Stax is rebuilt brick by brick to once again bring music and opportunity to the people of Memphis. Set in the world of 1960s and ’70s soul music, Respect Yourself is a story of epic heroes in a shady industry. It’s about music and musicians–Isaac Hayes, Otis Redding, Sam and Dave, Wilson Pickett, the Staple Singers, and Booker T. and the M.G.’s, Stax’s interracial house band. It’s about a small independent company’s struggle to survive in a business world of burgeoning conglomerates. And always at the center of the story is Memphis, Tennessee, an explosive city struggling through heated, divisive years. Told by one of our leading music chroniclers, Respect Yourself brings to life this treasured cultural institution and the city that created it.

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