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Tuesday 1st at 4:00 PM
For the past month or so, kids have been following Nikki Maxwell’s lead and becoming do-gooders in their community! Swing by the store and turn in your form with 5 completed acts of kindness and receive your prize and enjoy some refreshments, too! Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Dork Diaries OMG!: All About Me Diary!, which releases that day!


Obert Skye Discussing & Signing
Pinocula (Macmillan $12.99)
Tuesday 1st at 6:00 PM
For Rob Burnside, things are going pretty well. His friends are behaving, school Pinoculaisn’t too bad, his family’s getting along, and Janae, the girl of his dreams, occasionally notices him. Yep, life’s okay–until the lying starts.
Meet Pinocula, the new creature from Rob’s closet. He is a liar and a jokester and is determined to drive Rob crazy. Obert Skye doesn’t let his fans down in this hilarious installment in The Creature from My Closet series, which started with Wonkenstein and Potterwookiee.



Joy Bateman Discussing & Signing
The Art of Dining in Knoxville (Self $21.95)
Thursday 3rd at 6:00 PM
Joy Bateman, Memphis author and illustrator of The Art of Dining books will sign her latest issue, The Art of Dining in Knoxville, at 6 p.m., Thursday, October 3, at The Booksellers at Laurelwood. Bateman published the first in her series of The artdiningArt of Dining Books, in 2005 with The Art of Dining in Memphis. As a lover of good food and a talented illustrator, Bateman published the book as a restaurant guide with signature recipes. Because of its success, she later published a second The Art of Dining in Memphis, followed by The Art of Dining in Nashville, The Art of Dining in New Orleans, and The Art of Dining in Amelia Island. Bateman, a Memphis native, has built a reputation as one of the South’s leaders in media sales. She is a senior account executive for Memphis magazine.


Stephanie Painter Discussing & Signing
Liz Tames a Dragon (Self $13.95)
Saturday 5th at 2:00 PM
Anger is a normal emotion, but one that can be difficult to learn to control. The picture book Liz Tames A Dragon (and her anger) will help children find healthy ways to manage their angry feelings. In the story, Liz finds that sharing life with a ltadsister isn’t always easy. She becomes so angry that her anger morphs her into a fire-breathing dragon. Liz is certain that her sister has cast a magic spell until she realizes only she has the power to tame this dragon. Watercolor illustrations by artist Jeanne Seagle capture the character’s anger, confusion, and cooperative actions that lead to peacemaking. Author Stephanie Painter holds an M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Memphis. She writes about child development and family issues for parenting publications.



Michael Streissguth Discussing & Signing
Outlaw (Harper Collins $26.99)
Sunday 6th at 2:00 PM
Outlaw by acclaimed author Michael Streissguth follows the stories of three legends as they redefined country music: Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson.
Streissguth delves into the country music scene in the late ’60s and early ’70s, when these rebels found themselves in Music City writing songs and vying for record deals. Channeling the unrest of the times, all three Country Music Hall of Famers resisted the music industry’s unwritten rules and emerged as leaders of outlawthe outlaw movement that ultimately changed the recording industry.
Outlaw offers a broad portrait of the outlaw movement in Nashville that includes a diverse secondary cast of char-acters, such as Johnny Cash, Rodney Crowell, Kinky Friedman, and Billy Joe Shaver, among others.
With archival photographs throughout, Outlaw is a comprehensive examination of a fascinating shift in country music, and the three unbelievably talented musicians who forged the way.


Harriet Welty Rochefort Dinner Discussion & Signing in The Bookseller Bistro -Joie de Vivre: Secrets of Wining, Dining & Romancing Like the French (St. Martin’s Press $24.99)
Monday 7th at 7:00 PM
An engaging exploration of the style that permeates all things French—perfect for anyone looking to achieve that classic French flair
For Harriet Welty Rochefort, an American who has lived in France for many years with her very French husband, it’s clear that the French truly are singular in the joiedevivreway they live, act, and think—from the lightness of their pastries to the refinement of their Hermes scarves. They simply exude a certain je ne sais quoi that is a veritable art form. The French revel in the moment, appreciate the time spent in preparing a perfect feast, pay attention to the slightest detail–whether flowers on the table or a knockout accessory on a simple outfit–and work hard when not enjoying their (considerable) leisure time without an ounce of guilt. Their joie de vivre can come where you least expect it: for the French it’s better to have a chagrin d’amour than no amour at all, and for the Frenchman a day without discord is a day without a kick. They have fun (yes, fun !) when they fuss and feud, squabble and shrug.


Kami Garcia Discussing & Signing
Unbreakable (Little Brown $18.00)
Monday 7th at 6:00 PM
I never believed in ghosts.
Until one tried to kill me.
When Kennedy Waters finds her mother dead, she doesn’t realize that paranormal forces are responsible–not until mysterious identical twins Jared and Lukas Lockhart break into her room and destroy a deadly spirit sent to kill her.
Kennedy learns that her mother’s death was no accident, and now she has to unbreakabletake her place in the Legion of the Black Dove–a secret society whose five members were all murdered on the same night, leaving the Legion in the hands of the next generation: a misfit group with unique skills.
As the new members race to find the only weapon capable of destroying the demon, they use their individual tal-ents to battle paranormal entities and earn their rightful place in the Legion–except for Kennedy.
If she is truly the missing piece of the puzzle, can she stay alive long enough to find out–without losing her heart in the process?


Dan Conaway Discussing & Signing
I’m a Memphian (Nautilus $17.95)
Thursday 10th at 6:00 PM
A lifelong Memphian, Dan Conaway is a communication strategist and freelance conawaywriter. He has owned everything from ad agencies to creative boutiques, promoted everything from ducks in The Peabody to Grizzlies in the NBA to pandas in the zoo, and won recognition for his creativity at every level. Along the way, he has never lost his fascination or his frustration with his storied hometown, and he shares his passion for both equally in his columns and posts. Dan Conaway’s book, I’m a Memphian, a collection of his Memphasis columns, fea-tured in The Memphis Daily News.


Reba David Discussing & Signing
A Fragile Gift of Love (Self $15.99)
Saturday 12th at 4:00 PM
As a parish priest for almost forty years and as a pastor for 30 years Reba David has dealt with the sadness of human life in various ways. In the face of grief, words fail and trite platitudes sometimes evoke anger in one whom we are trying to console. One often feels helpless in the face of human loss and wants to do more than extend the care and concern of a priest for a suffering member of his fgolflock. Death, divorce, the loss of a pet can be especially difficult for children. The inability of children to properly express grief in the face of loss often leads to misbehavior and emotional issues.
Adults sometimes need help in overcoming loss and moving on with their lives. For many people the grief experience is an emotional trauma that needs attention in the same way that physical illness must be treated. Yes, some need professional help to get past their difficulties, but his experience is that support groups and the counseling by an individual who truly understands the grief process is most beneficial.


Stuart Woods Discussing & Signing
Doing Hard Time (Penguin $26.95)
Sunday 13th at 3:00 PM Edgar-winner Stuart Woods’s smooth 27th Stone Barrington novel (after Unintended Consequences) takes the New York City attorney to Los Angeles, where Stone’s son, Peter; Peter’s girlfriend, Hattie Patrick; and friend Dino Bacchetti’s son, Benito, are headed to begin work on their first film for Centurion Studios after graduating from the Yale School of Drama. Two assassins, dispatched by Yuri Majorov, a powerful Russian, are tailingwoods the young peo-ple on their drive west, but fugitive and ex-CIA employee Teddy Fay, who’s lying low as a gas station attendant in a small New Mexico town, ensures the thugs do no harm. Stone and Fay, who crossed paths once before, form an unlikely alliance as Majorov continues to send operatives to find and eliminate both Fay and the Barringtons for interfering with his various plans. Stone—wealthy, handsome, and suave—displays a father’s ruthless streak to protect Peter, while Fay brings a welcome gritty edge to his crowd-pleasing series.


Lisa Patton Discussing & Signing
Southern as a Second Language (Macmillan $24.99)
Tuesday 15th at 6:00 PM
The riotously-funny and charmingly-romantic conclusion (with a few bumps along the way) to Lisa Patton’s widely acclaimed Dixie series
Since the debut of Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter, Lisa Patton’s character Leelee Satterfield has entertained tens of thousands of readers. Watching the former-Southern Belle tackle life and love in Vermont was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to antics, charades, mischief, and romance. Now, back in Memphis and beginning a relationship with the namesake of Yankee Doodle Dixie, you’d think Leelee might just sit back and enjoy her newly-crafted life. But that just wouldn’t be as much fun . . .
Opening up her restaurant with her boyfriend, Peter, proves to be harder than pattonshe originally anticipated—especially when her unpredictable best friends are involved! Toss in a lisping neighbor, a male dog named Roberta, and the return of her evil ex-husband who started the whole mess in the first place . . . Well, this is a recipe for just the kind of novel readers expect from Lisa Patton.
As life and love challenge Leelee’s resolve and sense of humor, Southern as a Second Language is an endearing and chuckle-inducing conclusion to a very beloved character who keeps us guessing up to the very last page as to whether or not it all works out in the end. Whether in maple tree Vermont or magnolia-filled Memphis, Leelee’s heart and laughter will delight readers of any climate!
Line tickets are required for this event and come free with purchase of Southern as a Second Language starting October 15th.


Memphis Area Nutrition Council Discussing & Signing
Fresh Slice of Nutrition (Self $16.00)
Saturday 19th at 2:00 PM
Memphis has a health crisis! Obesity, renal disease, and diabetes are a few of the food related problems that plague our city. The nutrition professionals of Memphis would like to help your viewers. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association) sponsors National Nutrition Month slicelifeeach March to promote the importance of eating right. This organization is the largest group of nutrition professionals and Registered Dietitians. Memphis is unique in that we also have a group of professionals involved with the Memphis Area Nutrition Council (MANC). MANC was started in 1968 by key city leaders including Elias J.Goldsmith, Jr. (Goldsmith Department Stores), who believed that improving the nutrition status of Memphians was of utmost importance. MANC offers grant money for research or projects that support this mission. Therefore, Local Dieticians have produced flavorful healthy recipes for you all in one cookbook.


John Bemelmans Marciano Discussing & Signing
Madeline and the Old House in Paris AND The Nine Lives of Alexander Baddenfield (Penguin $17.99/16.99)
Sunday 20th at 2:00 PM
Madeline and her favorite companion in mischief, Pepito, embark on their wildest adventure yet. When ghostly moans lead them to the attic of the old house in madelineParis, they discover Felix de La Morte, who has lingered there for hundreds of years, waiting for the return of a certain comet. With the com-et due to return the very next day, the poor fellow’s telescope has been stolen by mean Lord Cucuface, and it is up to Madeline and Pepito to get it back. A nighttime trip across Paris, a midnight apparition, and all is happily re-solved in time for the three new friends to view the comet on a starry night.
Alexander Baddenfield is a horrible boy—a really horrible boy—who is the last in a long line of lying, thieving scoundrels. One day, Alexander has an astonishing idea. Why not transplant the nine lives from his cat into himself? Suddenly, alexbadAlexander has lives to spare, and goes about using them up, attempting the most outrageous feats he can imagine. Only when his lives start running out, and he is left with only one just like everyone else, does he realize how reckless he has been. With its wickedly funny story and equally clever illustrations, this is dark humor at its most delicious.
Line tickets are required for this event and come free with purchase of Madeline and the Old House in Paris or The Nine Lives of Alexander Baddenfield.


Jody Casella Discussing & Signing
Thin Space (Simon & Schuster $9.99)
Saturday 26th at 2:00 PM
There’s a fine line between the living and the dead, and Marshall is determined to cross it in this gut-wrenching debut novel. Ever since the car accident that killed his identical twin brother, Marshall Windsor has been consumed with guilt and thinspacecrippled by the secrets of that fateful night. He has only one chance to make amends and set things right. He must find a thin space—a mythical point where the barrier between this world and the next is thin enough for a person to step through to the other side. But when a new girl moves into the neighborhood, into the exact same house Marsh is sure holds a thin space, she may be the key—or the unraveling of all his secrets. As they get closer to finding a thin space—and closer to each other—Marsh must decide once and for all how far he’s willing to go to right the wrongs of the living…and the dead.

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