Main Street and the President’s Impending Economic Speech

As many of you know by now, President Obama will be delivering his next speech on the economy from the Amazon fulfillment center in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Tomorrow, our commander-in-chief will expound on jobs and economic growth from one of the many lairs of a business doing it’s level best to destroy the independent retailers of America.  Given the climate at the DOJ and the legal decisions which give unbalanced advantages to this global giant, it’s hardly surprising, but it leaves we, the booksellers, wondering what to do against such a Goliath.  Our only answer; our David-like response to this predatory Goliath was made clear to me in a quote from a British bookseller:

“Booksellers must find ways to emphasise their uniqueness: the smart ones offer an experience at the heart of which is the content and the theatre. But they must do this in an environment that is unsparingly tough, with customers who have a myriad of choices not just about who they buy from, but what format they use.”

There are few of you out there who are not intimate bedfellows with the cultural warfare that is Bookselling. Now, more than ever; when it is made crystal clear to us how little our government truly cares about “Main Street, U,S.A,” it makes this fight to preserve and share the dreams, the truths and the potentials all inherent in our commerce with the community just a bit more urgent.  Keep working, keep fighting for the right to share words and ideas.  It is what you do.
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