Goodreads? Goodbye.

By now anyone with a modest interest in reading and books has heard about Amazon’s purchase of Goodreads, the online social network for readers.  Once again, Amazon attempts sole ownership of the holy grail of bookselling-personalized recommendations-and I have to admit it’s one hell of a move. By the way, does anyone remember Amazon’s purchase of Shelfari back in 2008?  Yeah. If you think Amazon will take a hands-off approach to ownership of Goodreads, I’d like to discuss the color of the sky on the world where you live.

Hugh Howey, whose book Wool took off after being self-published via Amazon, was quoted as saying Amazon’s puchase of Goodreads was,”like finding out my mom is marrying that cool dude next door that I’ve been palling around with”. Certainly.  If the dude happens to own the mega store right across the street from your older brother’s fledgling organic market , sends employees in every day to take pictures of your brothers attractive produce, blocks your brother’s delivery entrance with his own delivery trucks and files lawsuit against your brother’s vendors, then it is indeed just like that.

Think I’ll give Bookish a try.



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