A Few Words About Book Blogs

I have been spending no small amount of time looking at other book blogs. Those among us who wish to keep thought and imagination alive and well through the power of words are valuable beyond price, and I’d like to share some of these blogs from time to time.

This week I want to concentrate primarily on a couple of fine children’s blogs. Though my exploration has just begun, I’ve found one or two of these blogs to be fine treasures of information. First on my list is Librarian’s Quest. Bringing reading and learning into the 21st century is fast becoming a passion, and this fine blog has a wealth of information and resources.  Be sure to check out their link to Brainy Box; a wonderful toy of imagination and education.

Next on the list is Watch. Connect. Read. and Nerdy Book Club. Watch. Connect. Read. opens up the world of children’s literature though the use of book trailers, and, I have to admit, I am passionate about book trailers.  Nerdy Book Club is a collective of bloggers and has won awards for best among Independent book bloggers. Be sure to check out the entry by Renee Watson, the author of Harlem’s Little Blackbird. It’s entitled. “If you’re bored, read a book.”  Beautiful.

Last but by no means least are two offerings on the written word which could conceivably consume my whole day: Oxford University Press and Modern Word.  Both of these sites offer erudition and exploration on any subject you care to explore. Modern Word took up the better part of one of my Sundays. The exploration included a review of  Michel Houellebecq’s biography on H.P. Lovecraft and a search to some incredible links including McSweeney’s and a page on Jorge Luis Borges.  The link to Modern Word is provided in the widgets on the left of this page.  Explore and enjoy, but I warn you: it is easy to get lost. Just make sure you have a little time set aside to make the journey.

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