Events For January

Welcome to the new year.  I want to thank all of you for making this a successful holiday season for all of us at The Booksellers.  Your enthusiasm and support are, as always, the single ingredient for our continued success as part of this community.

We have an eclectic mix of authors who will be visiting us this month. Please join us!

Butch Odom

Have a Blessed Day: A Year of  Daily  

Devotions from the Church Health Center

(Church Health Center, $10.00)

Thursday, January 3, at 6 pm

The spirit of love and commitment moves through Church Health Center. Now you have the chance to walk every day through the spirit of this innovative churchhealth2community. In these daily devotionals, Butch offers reflections and prayers rooted both in Scripture and in the Center’s mission of reclaiming the Church’s biblical commitment to care for our bodies and our spirits. Through these pages you will know the joy, love and inspiration of the Church Health Center and the thousands of people who turn to the Center for hope and healing.

P.J. Ceren

Discussing & Signing

Waking Remembering

(Orion’s Bride, $24.95)


Saturday, January 5, at 2 pm

What if dreams are more than dreams? Waking Remembering is a magical realism novel – the first in a trilogy – that is historical fiction, love story and spiritual quest. Woven through history is a love that is remembered and built pjc2upon through the centuries. A great passion spreads through generations in some undeniable memory in the flesh, and also reappears in new lives from distant places. A mystical connection draws couples to join them again and again. This remembering travels both ways in time, existing in that place beyond time where love lives. There are vague memories and subtle warnings and communications between individuals separated by centuries.

James Williamson 

Discussing & Signing

The Ravine 
(Sunstone, $24.95)

Thursday, January 10, at 6 pm

In 1958, 13-year-old Harry Polk is looking forward to an idyllic summer spent Ravinevisiting his Aunt Cordelia and Uncle Horace in Tuckalofa, Mississippi. But before the summer is over he will encounter the violence and injustice of segregated society, intolerance of religious and social class differences, and closely guarded family secrets.
Stevie Rey

Discussing & Signing

The Hillbilly Bible

(Self, $9.99)

Saturday, January 12, at 2 pm 

The Hillbilly Bible is the Gospel of John written in southern dialect; offering the ugottabkiddinauthor’s  insights into God’s love and the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus.

E. William Henry 

Discussing & Signing
Fatal Alliance: The Prosecution, Imprisonment, and Gangland Murder
of Jimmy Hoffa

(Andover Press, $24.95)
Tuesday, January 15, at 6 pm 

Fatal Alliance is the story of James R. Hoffa’s lifelong association with organized crime, and how this alliance destroyed America’s most notorious labor union leader. It is based on a scouring of court records, newspaper FAclippings, and interviews with principals, beginning with a detailed account of Robert Kennedy’s grimly determined effort to put Hoffa behind bars. It takes the reader behind the scenes of Hoffa’s trials and the persistent investigations of Kennedy’s “Get Hoffa Squad.” Readers will learn of Hoffa’s miserable years at Lewisburg federal prison and his quixotic effort to regain the Teamster Union’s presidency, ending with an up-close look at his murder by a Mafia hit-man.



Stephen Haynes

Discussing & Signing
The Last Segregated Hour: The Memphis
Kneel-Ins and the Southern
Campaign for Church Desegregation
(Oxford University Publishing, $29.95)


Tuesday, January 22nd, 6:00 p.m.

On Palm Sunday 1964, at the Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis, a group of black and white students began a “kneel-in” to protest the church’s policy of segregation, a protest that would continue in one form or another for more than a year and eventually force the church to open its doors to black worshippers.

In The Last Segregated Hour, Stephen Haynes tells the story of this dramatic yet little studied tactic which was the strategy of choice for bringing attention to segregationist policies in Southern churches. “Kneel-ins” involved surprise visits to targeted churches, usually during Easter season, and often resulted in physical standoffs with resistant church people. The spectacle of kneeling worshippers barred from entering churches made for a powerful image that lshinvited both local and national media attention. The Memphis kneel-ins of 1964-65 were unique in that the protesters included white students from the local Presbyterian college (Southwestern, now Rhodes). And because the protesting students presented themselves in groups that were “mixed” by race and gender, white church members saw the visitations as a hostile provocation and responded with unprecedented efforts to end them. But when Church officials pressured Southwestern president Peyton Rhodes to “call off” his students or risk financial reprisals, he responded that “Southwestern is not for sale.”

Drawing on a wide range of sources, including extensive interviews with the students who led the kneel-ins, Haynes tells an inspiring story that will appeal not only to scholars of religion and history, but also to pastors and church people concerned about fostering racially diverse congregations.

Linda K. Rudder

Discussing & Signing

Vital Signs of Recovery 

(Self, $11.95)

Saturday, January 26, 2 pm

Linda K. Rudder reaches out to all those who suffer from any form of addiction. It is her belief that everyone on this planet is enslaved by either a physical VSORaddiction or some psychological dependency.  These addictions and dependencies are appraised as anything we use to detract ourselves from our spiritual aptitude.

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