Help Us Save A Powerhouse



We’ve all seen the human cost of hurricane Sandy; the citizens on the east coast who are struggling against loss of home, livelihood and life itself.  Throughout this time of struggle and the efforts to regain a normal life, stories of misfortune, courage and selfless community have become a part of our daily experiences.

While reading the daily e-mails for the book industry, the members of our marketing team came across a story which resonated among all of us at Booksellers.  It is the story of an independent bookstore in Brooklyn called Powerhouse Arena.

In the business of bookselling, the holiday season is the make-or-break time of year.  Try to imagine what it would be like to face the holiday season with $40,000.00 worth of books lying sodden and broken on the floor. This is what the booksellers at Powerhouse Arena are forced to deal with.   With this in mind, we at The Booksellers At Laurelwood reach out to all the book lovers in our community, urging them to come in and make a donation to our Powerhouse Arena recovery fund.  Donors will receive a copy of a 2013 calendar featuring the artwork of Maurice Sendak, who was not simply a great artist but also one of Brooklyn’s native sons.

Independent bookstores are rare and wonderful and incredibly fragile.  Help us to keep the love of books alive; to keep the spirit of independence going in a place where there is so much loss.  The people of Brooklyn need their information and inspiration.  Help us to help them.

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2 Responses to Help Us Save A Powerhouse

  1. Steve Williford says:

    Hello. My name is Steve Williford. I have just begun a new publishing company, KSG Organization. Our first book has just come out and I would like to place it in the Bookselllers at Laurelwood. The name of the book is It’s Time. The author is Bud Davis of Bud Davis Cadillac. Mr. Davis and I are also frequent customers at the bookstore and have eaten at the bistro a few times. How can I place some books there?
    Steve Williford
    484 7783

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