Bookseller Bistro: New Menu, New Explorations in Wines

I have to take a moment out to compliment our good folks at the Bookseller Bistro: this new menu is tempting; especially to someone whose desire to explore new and unexpected wine pairings is only outmatched by the limitations on her budget.   I think our Bistro shows  amazing promise for the pleasure of  good wines at reasonable prices.  I am going to offer but one example, however, keep in mind that a small yet integral part of pleasure is anticipation: I look forward to other pairings of good food and new, unexplored territories of wine tasting.

The Alpine Chicken Pasta isn’t a new addition to the Bookseller’s Bistro menu, but to try it with a glass of Trapiche “Oak Cask” Malbec brings the meal to a whole new level.

Now. Let me say this in advance.  I am a devotee of the Argentinian reds. Trapiche has been perfecting the use of the Bordeaux varietal for over 100 years.  It is full-bodied , almost violet in color with the aromas of spice and vanilla and smoke.  The flavors are plum and oak and a little bit of licorice. It is crisp, with a chewy tanin and a sweet. long finish.  Would I have thought to pair it with a rich chicken dish? No.  Does it work? A resounding yes.  The combination of chicken, fontina and parmesan cheeses, roasted peppers  and the rich,crisp flavors of Argentinian Bordeaux are a wonderful balance.

I anticipate trying Eli’s Asian Salmon with a Cono Sur “Bicycle” Viogner . I’ll let you know.  In the meantime check out the Bookseller Bistro menu here.

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