Ace Atkins Returns To Booksellers On June 5th

Ace’s hero, Quinn Colson, reminds you of all those hard-fighting heroes of the silver screen. You know Ace has real respect for the soft-hearted tough guys of local fame:  a little less than a year ago Ace was seen walking out of the Buford Pusser museum with a big smile and a genuine Walking Tall souvenir stick.   

Quinn Colson recalls these heroes of legend : he’s is a tough, no-nonsense Delta Force veteran who comes back to his hometown of Tibbehah, Mississippi, sees the evil that men do, and – as elected sheriff- kicks large quantities of really nasty behinds, and I do mean nasty. In his new offering, The Lost Ones, Atkins lays down double-dealing,triple-dealing, Mexican Cartels, human trafficking and a truly southern high-octane ride. You don’t just read the Colson Quinn novels; you devour them in huge gulps.  Believe me, Atkins knows his stuff about the world of shadows: he began his career writing for The Tampa Tribune, covering the night shift; what was once known as the “Police Beat”.

And his new Spenser novel? I have to be honest: I haven’t read a Robert Parker novel in years, but if his Spenser is half as good as Colson, well I’m  going to start reading about the legendary Boston P.I. once more.

Ace will be at Booksellers on Tuesday, June 5th, from 6 to 7 p.m.

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