Mother’s Day For The Well-Read Mom

I’ve wanted to present a few ideas for Mother’s Day for a couple of weeks now. Thanks to a couple of sources, I think I’ve found a couple of titles that may be fresh ideas for those among us with literary moms.

I suffer from a distinct bias toward The New York Review of Books: Adventurous, eclectic, and, well, I can’t pick up a single book from their collections without a measure of pleasure and anticipation.  These are just two of the delights we have on our new NYRB table, but give yourself a treat: browse the collection.

Angel by Elisabeth Taylor-Angelica Deverell is a successful novelist…and a creature whose irresponsible fantasies and desire for success make her a monster.  Nothing will stand in the way of her success…except Angel.  Taylor’s intelligence , skill and  wit make her a legend in Great Britain.  Discover why authors like Hilary Mantel and Antonia Fraser speak of her mastery and precision with complete reverence.




The Pilgrim Hawk: A Love Story by Glenway Westcott- On this one, I leave you with the description from NYRB:

This powerful short novel describes the events of a single afternoon. Alwyn Tower, an American expatriate and sometime novelist, is staying with a friend outside of Paris, when a well-heeled, itinerant Irish couple drops in—with Lucy, their trained hawk, a restless, sullen, disturbingly totemic presence. Lunch is prepared, drink flows. A masquerade, at once harrowing and farcical, begins.

A work of classical elegance and concision, The Pilgrim Hawk stands with Faulkner’s The Bear as one of the finest American short novels: a beautifully crafted story that is also a poignant evocation of the implacable power of love.



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